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Your Skin Factory

Your Skin Factory

Your Skin Factory is the eye-opening new book which is set to revolutionise the way beauty consumers think about skincare.

Authors of the bookWritten by Dr Des Fernandes and Jennifer Munro, it explodes long-held skincare myths and cuts through advertising hype to bring you the truth about cosmetic claims.
Dr Des Fernandes relates his ground-breaking discoveries on the most effective ways to maintain healthy and radient skin, based on more than thirty years of research. According to Dr Des Fernandes, skin can really be better, not just feel better, "Ageing skin is not inevitable, damage can be reversed".

This book is the result of a twenty five year friendship between a scientist (Dr Fernades) and a writer (Jennifer Munro). While Dr Fernandes was busy researching and experiementing - trying to save the world fro mskin cancer and photo-ageing, Jennifer was working out the best way to communicate his discoveries in a way that would be easy for everyone to understand.

Your Skin Factory is the coffee that has bubbled up, dripped through the filter, and then distilled and percolated all that knowledge, research and wisdom into your cup!

Drink up!


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