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Jo Palmer photo

Jo Palmer presents the one hour program “Southern Cross Nightly News" in Tasmania.

Originally employed by Southern Cross Television in Hobart as a journalist, Jo has been presenting the evening news for 15 years.

She is a former Miss Tasmania and in 1993 was awarded Miss Australia, the first Tasmanian to win the prestigious title since 1927.

Jo is a past recipient of the "Tasmanian of the Year" for her charity and community work.

Currently residing in Launceston, Jo is married to Professional Latin American dancer Andrew Palmer and has four children; Henry 17, Lily 15, Charlie 5 and Alfie 4.

She is a prominent speaker at numerous Tasmanian charity and community events; a prominent MC and host for both State and National conferences, award presentations and fundraising events.

Jo Palmer is the Ambassador for a number of organisations including Tasmanian Clown Doctors, Care Australia “Walk in her Shoes” and National Reading Ambassador.

"Environ® is not just a product, it’s a way of life. A reminder that taking the time to look after ourselves as women, both inside and out, is how we flourish.

In my crazy life as an anchor news presenter, mother of four, wife and daughter, I have finally found a simple product that does what is says it will do with no fuss and no effort. 

Everything about Environ® makes sense.  No fancy packaging or artificially scented gimmicks are needed when the product is so good."

When they call it a “face life in a bottle” they’re not wrong.  This exfoliating product has made my skin radiant and I can actually feel it tightening and lifting the skin on and around my face.  Now who doesn’t need a little of that in their life.

Jo Palmer image

Sometimes there is only one moment in a day that is actually about me and that’s the moment I can clean my face and put back into my skin.  I am not going to waste that one precious moment on just any product and that is why I use Environ.

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