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Intensive Super Moisturiser+

Intensive Super Moisturiser+

Let your skin fall back in love with moisture. The new Environ® Super Moisturiser+ from the Intensive Range is a unique cocktail of scientifically researched ingredients which work in synergy with your skin. This luxurious cream provides your skin with an intensive moisture boost, leaving it looking smoother and feeling invigorated and softer to the touch.


A moisturiser like no other... Discover the secret to intensive skin rescue today with Intensive Super Moisturiser+. Your skin will love you.

Posted by Environ Skin Care Australia on Friday, June 12, 2015


Dry skin becomes increasingly common with age, our modern living environment and changing climatic conditions. Super Moisturiser+ is a well-designed, luxurious moisturising cream that assists in regulating the skin’s natural moisture levels and replenishing its moisture barrier. The properties of the novel moisturising ingredients in this formula will leave the skin feeling richly nourished and pampered with extra resilience. Super Moisturiser+ is also excellent to combat the drying effects of everyday air conditioning exposure and particularly when travelling by air. Suitable to soothe the skin especially in winter and when it has been exposed to extreme environmental conditions.

Super Moisturiser+ has been designed to be used as an additional comforting product with your preferred Environ® vitamin A products or as an alternative moisturiser for dry and/or sensitive skin. Consult an Environ® Skincare Professional for advice on suitable products to use in conjunction with Super Moisturiser+.

Some of the powerful moisturising and barrier repairing agents found in this formulation includes RevidrateTM, Pentavitin® and Pro-vitamin B5 which have scientifically been proven to support the skin’s own natural moisturising factors and to exhibit long-lasting hydrating effects in the skin. The formulation also includes various anti-oxidants, vitamin C and vitamin E to assist in shielding the skin from environmental stresses and provide support in brightening the complexion of the skin. Super Moisturiser+, which may be applied morning and/or evening, will result in a smoother-looking, hydrated, fresh skin complexion.

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