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CMK Founder


Monique Kode

Owner, Manager, Tasmanian Distributor

CMK Distributors originated with Monique Kode, initially through her husband Gary's passion for skin, and grew after Monique met Dr Des Fernandes when she was in her early 20's.

The innate passion Dr Des has for healing people, along with his inherent integrity, resonated profoundly with Monique. Using his products personally to counteract a lifetime habit of sun exposure in the aim for a tanned lifestyle, brought a growing respect with the results Monique experienced.

Seeing a genuine commitment in Dr Des that has never wavered, along with using a product that ‘helps create beautiful skin for a lifetime', fostered Monique's own commitment to partnering with clients and stockists for their increased success.

CMK Distributors was born from her own extensive experience, growing through a passionate client focus and dedication to a standard of excellence often missing in the competitive environment of the skin care industry.

Monique started as a Distributor in South Africa before moving to Tasmania, and when she didn't have the product during her initial settling in period the difference quickly became obvious. Once Monique started using Environ® again, the results were so pronounced that people began commenting on her skin and asking what she was using.

The outcome was her decision to develop CMK Distributors, bringing the product to the Tasmanian people.

Monique's thirst for knowledge and passion for Environ® Skin Care has continued to be fostered, with annual visits to Environ® Head Office, industry educational seminars, and two Tasmanian educational events hosted during Dr Fernandes visit in 2013.

The Environ® Skin Care philosophy, 'a beautiful skin for a lifetime' aligns perfectly with Monique's passion for long term skin health.

Community Involvement

Fiji Rota Home Project

CMK operates from firm values, which nurtures a strong social conscience. With a philosophy of giving back and a belief in education opening opportunities, one of the areas Monique and CMK are involved with is the education fund for the Rotary program in Fiji.

The funding partners of Rotary, NZAP and the Fiji Government, believe that to achieve a sustainable outcome it is essential that fragile families are given a hand up to ensure their
children are educated, the parents learn to generate sufficient income to create a better and healthier life for their families and ultimately feel confident that they can manage their
own affairs. It is a hand up to a positive future.


More information coming.

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