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Thoughts from an Environ user

It's always wonderful to hear from people just like us, who are experiencing their own Environ skin care journey. Many thanks to belinda Fettke for sharing her thoughts.

"I can honestly say that Environ has been the most wonderful skin care product for me and I recommend it highly to everyone.

Ten years ago my skin was prematurely ageing from sun exposure in my teens and exzcema and steroid treatment (especially on my neck) as a child. Over a short time my skin began to heal and the spots lightened. I love the softness and know it has made me look younger.

Then I was introduced to the Revival Masque … fine lines on my neck that I thought would never go away, dissolved! My face gained a more youthful look and my skin feels wonderful.  I don't want to have a facelift. I have had complications from every surgery I have ever had and can't imagine scarring on my face as well! 

Using the Revival Masque in conjunction with my Environ daily skincare products, I have had a mini facelift without surgery and it makes me feel confident and beautiful.

I love that Environ helps me age gracefully." 

Belinda Fettke - BPhotography


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