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Looking To The Horizon

It’s important to lift your head from the day-to-day and look to the horizon. Today more than ever, if we’re not learning and growing we are going backwards in our business. Breakthroughs happen when you step outside your comfort zone.

Monique, accompanied by Christine Hepburn, found taking time out of an exceptionally busy week to support and attend the APAN Conference in Hobart on Sunday was indeed valuable time spent.

To have an event like this held in Tasmania is a wonderful opportunity and not one to be taken for granted. The networking amongst other professionals, as always, brings great value in itself, however the high calibre of each speaker brought a wealth of knowledge and experience where each attendee could take something back into their own business.

The quality of the conference was excellent. Sincere thanks go to Tina Viney and Mark Viney from Aesthetics Practitioners Journal and APAN for making the commitment to Tasmania and the journey to bring this event right to our door.

We came away with additional perspectives and knowledge, a vitalised spirit, confirmation of the CMK direction, a great deal of interest in Environ skin care and new professional associations with other exhibitors.

In line with the CMK philosophy of ‘the beauty of healthy aging’, a quote from Jim Rohn seems apt after the overall conference message, “Take good care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.”

Monique Kode and CMK Distributors at the Hobart APAN Conference



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